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Kumla Golf Club offers an 18-hole full length golf course in a park environment about 7 kilometers east of the town of Kumla. The course is to be found close to an artificial mountain (Kvarntorpshögen) pretty close to road 52 on the right hand side if arriving from Kumla.

The course
The length of the course is 5845 meters (6392 yards) from men’s tee and 4935 meters (5396 yards) from ladies tee. The course is a bit hilly in some parts but not too much. There is water on just 4 holes and less than 40 sand bunkers, but nevertheless the course offers most golfers quite a challenge. If you want to get an idea of the course you may take a look at the course guide, which you will find under the navigation “Banan/Banguide” on this website.

In addition to the usual putting greens and the driving range you have a fairly large practice field with a sand bunker, an approach green and a free pitching course of 5.

The golf restaurant is open daily during golf season, as is the ”Half-way-house” at tee 8. In the vicinity of tee 4 and tee 8 there is a waterclosett and on tee 12 there is a ”traditional” toilet.


Camping and B&B
If you have a trailer or camping van you may stay overnight at our camping ground for a small fee. This is not an ordinary camping site but will certainly do for most golfers. You also have the option of staying at B&B. More information is to be found under the navigation “Gäst/Boende” at this website.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel there are several recommendations under the navigation “Gäst/Boende” at this website.

Please be welcome to call the reception for more information; (+46)19-587080

Driving from Örebro

Find your way here by instructions, navigate to ”Gäst/Hitta hit” on this website.

Some cultural notes
The restaurant building was originally a farmhouse built in the early 1920´s. The name of the golf course, Högtorp, can be interpreted as the farm on the hill. The hill rose early from the sea after the last glacial period and was early inhabited which can be seen from many remainings like old graves, stones and bronze axes.

During the last world war, and some years after, alum shale containing petroleum was mined from open quarries in the area in very large quantities for production of petrol. Most of the first half of the golf holes are built on ground that has been refilled and restored from the wounds in the nature but today you cannot see much of it. Instead the golf course is in good shape with a lot of birch trees and other trees alongside the holes. A positive thing is that the course is fairly dry and offers a long season for its latitude.

However, there are at least two very visible remains from the mining period. One is the lake Nordsjön that the course is running around which in fact is a former shale quarry . Another is the big heap of burned alum shale from the gas ovens, almost 100 meters high and still warm inside.

Art exhibition on the heap (Konst på hög)
On top of the big heap of burned alum shale is an art exhibition, mainly of sculptures in the open air. A small road takes your car to the top where you can park and enjoy a cup of coffee or some other refreshments in the café. On clear days you will have a vast view of the flat land of the province Närke.

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